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Keywords: Heat- seal aluminum foil, Aluminum foil, Brazing machine, etc

Main Products

Heat-seal aluminum foil

. Excellent adhesion levels

. Environment -friendly materials

. Good high temperature resistance

. Widely application

Heat-seal aluminum foil tape
Aluminum Foil Ta pe With Liner

Aluminum Foil With Liner

. Excellent adhesion levels

. High reflection backing

. Easy unwind and easy tearing

. Good high temperature resistance




Is aluminum foil tape resistant to high temperature? Is aluminum foil tape resistant to high temperature?2022-03-21

Aluminum foil tape is mainly composed of pressure-sensitive adhesive. One of the main advantages is that it is resistant to high temperature and has the function of air tightness, so it can not only keep warm, but also have certain reflective performance.

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Ebridge Global Co.,Ltd.

Ebridge Global Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2005. It is located in Wuhu and Suqian Industrial Park with convenient transportation and logistics. The company mainly manufactures aluminum foil tape, pressure sensitive tape, sponge tape and the like with various specifications and types. Its products are widely used in the following areas: refrigerator, air conditioner, electronic component, kitchen equipment and auto industry.

The company now owns domestic advanced production machinery and production technology. There are over 60 staff including administrative staff and technicians. We use all kinds of high quality raw materials to produce various adhesive tapes...


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